September 28, 2016

Heroes Shed No Tears (英雄不流泪)



Berkisah tentang cinta, persahabatan, ambisi, penghianatan, dan senjata yang paling menakutkan. Novel ini dibuat oleh Gu Long, seorang pengarang Wuxia yang terkenal dari China. Dikemas dengan unsur-unsur elemen kerajaan China kuno, action, misteri, dan humor.



Chapter 1: A Solitary Box
Chapter 2: An Important Head
Chapter 3: Surprise Attack
Chapter 4: An Extraordinary Person, an Extraordinary Place, Extraordinary Things
Chapter 5: Extraordinary Meetings, Extraordinary Adventures
Chapter 6: Seven Story Buddhist Pagoda
Chapter 7: The Lion Clan Hall of Copper Camel Alley
Chapter 8: No Turning Back
Chapter 9: Die Wu
Chapter 10: The Second Month is Too Early for Spring in Luoyang
Chapter 11: Eighty-Eight Slain
Chapter 12: Even Just a Dance can Overwhelm Emotions
Chapter 13: Slaughterhouse
Chapter 14: Who is an animal
Chapter 15: Summit
Chapter 16: It’s lonely at the top
Chapter 17: The cold aura of a sword
Chapter 18: Heroes don’t die

Translator / Creator: fatality